Lander Search & Rescue 2021 Capital Campaign

Lander SAR is the Lander unit of Fremont County Search & Rescue,
a volunteer arm of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department. We have 40 active members who keep our team organized and are on-call 24/7. We also tap into the strong outdoor community in Lander. We had a record number of calls in 2020 and expect the same in 2021, because people are recreating outdoors more during the pandemic. We would like to obtain a vehicle and get it ready before June, 2021 and may finance half the cost to get it in service before we pay it off.

Needs: A quick response vehicle can help us launch an initial team to get to critical incidents sooner. We consulted the Windriver 4×4 Club and the Facebook forum for SAR Professionals and decided that we need a used Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, year 2012 or newer, with a lift kit, 35” tires, automatic transmission, winch, lights, navigation system, recovery kit, and radios. We can buy one and fix it up for about $35,000-$40,000. We are looking for sponsors who either want to just write us a check, or find a win-win solution where you use our name and this community cause for your sales or club promotion.

Sponsor recognition: We will have stickers made that sponsors can put on entrance doors or vehicles, saying they supported Lander Search & Rescue.
Major donors have the opportunity to have their name and/or logo put on the two vehicle wraps we will have made for the rear side windows. We can issue a press release recognizing your community support.
Leadership gifts can have a larger logo on the vehicle wrap, similar to what NASCAR does. We will take the final list of names and logos and let a graphic artist lay them out, with larger name size for larger gifts.

IRS Code TEGE: Donations are tax deductible since Lander SAR is a Tax Exempt Government Entity. Or, you can donate via our philanthropic partner, the Lander Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, who will forward your support to us at 100%.

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