Search & Rescue

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Your support helps us to continue to provide essential search and rescue service.

Lander Search & Rescue is a volunteer organization that rescues people lost in the wilderness.

Lander SAR is the Lander unit of Fremont County Search & Rescue, a volunteer arm of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department.

We have 40 active members who keep our team organized and are on-call 24/7. We had a record number of calls in 2020, and expect 2021 to be just as active.

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Donations matched through March!

Thanks to the generosity of a community member, up to $5,000 of all donations to Lander SAR through the end of March will be matched. If you’ve been thinking about making a donation, now is a great time! Check out our Go Fund Me to make a donation.

An essential service for our community.